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I think I will re-explain my journal here. There will be no more art submitted here to dA, except for whomever gets the 35,000 kiriban prize. I will still favorite and comment on things but in terms of being more active artwise, it will be on Tumblr.
I will draw up the kiriban prize as promised and I will check up on people who don't have Tumblr. But yeah basically I'm leaving dA to submit my art at Tumblr.
These changes are not cool at all. I want deviantart to be just that, not a Facebook and Tumblr hybrid. Several things are screwed up for me. So I am leaving.

If anyone has a Tumblr then I implore you to follow my two blogs:

Or you can ignore this. In which case this is goodbye.

I would become more active on here, but only if dA has a change of heart and changes back to the old layout. But clearly that's not going to happen.
So obviously, besides those two reason stated above, I'm not coming back.

Goodbye guys. It was a nice run. Nava out.
don't do hats by Navarag
don't do hats
Another example of how I cannot art. Bleh.

Shadow (c) Navarag
So hey, it is now in the 34,000 numbers. Just a 1000 more until 35,000 and until someone can win a free picture of whatever they want from meeee.
So get hunting~ Still. Chop chop
That Moment... by Navarag
That Moment...
So I uploaded this just about everywhere else, so I figured why not submit it here too. Plus I need to be more active here.

Picture is based on a true story.

(c) Navarag


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